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Crushed Diamond Apple Bowl

Gorgeous pink fruit bowl an amazing centre piece Please note sizes are approx

Crystal Crush Champagne or Wine Glass Carousel Silver

Height from the base to the top: 37cm Height allowance for the glasses: 26cm Diameter of the Carousel: 26cm

Crushed Diamond Crystal Bling pink Fruit Bowl

sparkly pink to make the boys wink

Crystal Crushed Diamond Tray

lovely crushed diamond tray

Crystal Crush Small Cookie Jar Silver

Perfect addition to your kitchen collection for those cookie lovers keep them fresher for longer and add extreme bling to your kitchen! Measurements: Height: 18cm, Circumference: 32cm

Crushed Silver Moet Bottle

  • Silver Crushed Crystal Moet Bottle

Crushed Spaghetti Jar Silver

  • Silver Crushed Crystal Spaghetti Jar
  • Chrome finishes
  • Mirrored Lid with Glass Handle
  • Measurements: H: 29cm, D: 10.5cm
  • How to care for me: wipe down with damp cloth and dry straight away. Not suitable for dishwasher

Crushed Diamond Mini Tray

  • Mini Tray
  • Salt and Pepper Pots sold separately
  • Dimensions: L - 21cm, W - 11cm, H - 3.5cm

Crushed Crystal Utensils Pot Silver

Silver Crushed Crystal
  • Chrome Finishes
  • How to care for me: wipe down with damp cloth. Not suitable for dishwasher
  • Measurements: H 17.5cm D 14cm